Coletă, Blugento, Frisbo and VE Global launched the first Romanian eCommerce alliance to support local online stores to have an easier entrance and sell on the Polish market

04.06.2020, 07:00

The alliance targets Romanian online stores considering selling internationally, Poland being the first step in this direction.

Blugento, a Cluj-based company specialized in providing eCommerce solutions based on the Magento platform, lays the foundation of the first commercial agreement to support online Romanian stores to enter the Polish market.

Frisbo, the smart efulfillment platform with the largest presence in CEE, Coletă, expert in shipping and delivery of packages, part of Packeta group, with the largest network of pick-up points in CEE, and VE Global, specialized in building eCommerce tools to increase audience, conversions and to optimize marketing investments, joins Blugento, to support online Romanian stores entering Polish eCommerce market, about 4 times larger than the local one.

The commercial agreement between the four companies is targeting all the Romanian stores considering selling internationally over the internet, Poland being the first step in this direction.

“We aim to support Romanian entrepreneurs to scale their businesses in online and abroad, starting with the Polish market. Together with our partners we can provide a complete package of services and multidisciplinary expertise to help them selling their products to Polish consumers. Together, we will be able to provide them with the entire ecosystem needed to expand the business in Poland”, says Sandu Băbășan, CEO of Blugento, mentioning that an online store can start selling on the Polish market in about 30 – 60 days, depending on the number of products and integrated solutions, payment systems, etc.

The first step in the process of expanding sales in Poland involves conducting an audit of the online stores activity, followed by an analysis of the industries in which they operate. Subsequently, the entrepreneurs will receive an action plan in which all the partner companies will be involved, so that the managers of the companies can have visibility and predictability throughout the sales expansion process in Poland.

Coletă is the strategic logistics partner for the online stores that use the Blugento platform and want to deliver their products to Poland.

„We offer to the entrepreneurs who want to sell their products in Poland the guarantee of an advantageous delivery cost, starting from 20 lei / package. We ensure the connection of shops with marketplaces in Poland, for a rapid expansion of their online business and we offer, through the already existing network of partners, services such as legal consulting, setting up companies, opening bank accounts, services regarding payment methods, translations, marketing etc.”, says Alexandr Jeleascov, CEO of Coletă, mentioning that, at the moment, through a simple integration with Coletă online stores can deliver packages to all 28 countries of the European Union, plus Ukraine and the Russian Federation.


Alexandr Jeleascov
CEO Coletă

Frisbo ensures a vital part in the expansion process of an online store to the Polish market: warehousing and order processing.

„Once our partners in the eCommerce alliance have done their job, and the seller has an online shop that Polish consumers can easily understand and use, a regionally tailored marketing strategy and order fulfilment follows. Frisbo ensures in Poland the storage of goods in validated partner halls and manages the efficient packaging and delivery of packages to consumers, through an integrated platform with the online shop, offering invoicing, issuing documents (such as AWB) and live reporting of commercial success”, Says Bogdan Colceriu, CEO of Frisbo.

VE Global already has a 5 years’ experience in the Polish market and contributes with the experience and expertise acquired to the whole digital ecosystem, offering digital advertising services (generating new traffic and notoriety using any type of digital media, retargeting), digital assistant (a solution based on machine learning and artificial intelligence that allows traffic optimization and conversion rate) and remarketing (email remarkeitng, web push notification).

„Our main differentiator is the capacity to connect digital communication channels through VE proprietary technology. Thus, the interaction rate increases substantially, and the user experience on the website is more relevant. The direct benefit of this technology is found in the clients’ budgets, which are used much more efficiently”, says Toma Matei, SVP CEE at VE Global.

Overall, the extension of the product portfolio to customers outside Romania brings higher sales by 15 – 20% for online stores. However, the growth potential can be even greater, considering the evolution of the Polish eCommerce industry, estimated this year to be worth over 11 billion euros, in the B2C segment alone.